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So. I spent the summer reaching the finales of ALL my favourite shows & then staring into the abyss, feeling empty & aimless not knowing quite what do with my eyes and ears.

See, my summer evenings were more homebound than I had originally envisaged – never mind that they were spent in various cities – all tempting with their share of debauchery to be had – but not by me. Instead, I found myself often hysterically clicking episodes on OSN Play, praying they are ones I had missed or new ones that have miraculously appeared; knowing full well in my heart of hearts that these are the very pen-ultimate and ultimate episodes that struck panic in my gut as I finished watching them the week before.

So…you can imagine my delight at stumbling upon new content I wish I had been across all year! And I’m not even talking about Netflix & Chill, nor about HBO, primetime or even the talkies people! I am talking about DIGITAL. From ARABIA! This really cool stuff, that is mostly funny and at times insightful, was and is being consumed on my iPhone on very low volume as I lay fully clothed on top of my bed (horror!) waiting for signs that my daughters have fallen asleep so I can go downstairs, feign interest in being an adult for 10-minutes before collapsing on the couch, lamenting all the work, DIY projects & self improvement exercises that I am not going to be doing that night at all.

To list but a few (well, seven to be precise) & in no particular order – except that they’re chronological, based on my stream of consciousness:

1- The Other Stories Project. Mostly an Instagram Stories feed that re routes you to the original project, The Other Stories Project is a very evocative, lyrical but extremely accessible and simple storytelling platform. Saudi Fatima Al Banawi, a multi-hyphenated-artist come actress, goes to different, often remote, parts of her home-town of Jeddah and gets people (namely female) to write one-page stories that she shares, curates and adapts into narratives that are both intriguing and relatable.

2- Barakah Yuqabil Barakah (Barakah Meets Barakah). Speaking of Fatima (see, I told you there is a logical flow to this list) her acting debut in Barakah Yuqabil Barakah delivers to us a Saudi rom-com coming of age first-time film that comments on the stale state that millennials in the Gulf state(s) find themselves in. This flick is clickable & ready to watch on iTunes.

Still image from Barakah Meets Barakah with Fatima Al Banawi & Hisham Fageeh

3- Shaffaf. Yet another Saudi surprise (I’m on a roll) comes in the state of YouTube series called Shaffaf where a young, satirical and very dynamic presenter interviews people on timely, often awkward or funny, topics and truly marks often quite revelatory insights with humorous but never obnoxious undertones. The one on mens rights is a favourite, so is the one on women’s rights but perhaps funniest is the episode on Kuwaiti musalsalat.

4- Marwan Younis / Begad. This Egyptian advertising & music enthusiast is seriously funny in his serial commentary on the good, but more so the bad & the ugly, in Arab (mostly Egyptian) audiovisual content. Anything from videos gone viral, to bootleg music videos (who could forget the one that maimed our video streams this summer) & advertising campaigns, this man hilariously spins into a funny but true series of smilies, metaphors & anecdotes. He even sometimes features his very cynical & sarcastic mother. Begad appears as videos on Facebook.

5- Brown Book. Some of you may be familiar with this beautiful bimonthly publication featuring curated content on everything ‘other’ yet prolific in art, design & culture from the Middle East. Originating from the UAE, perhaps one of its most tactile and consumable content are the short films offered on people & places of the region that are short & sweet audiovisuals full of inspiration & intrigue. Brownbook.tv is truly a gem easy to ingest & shouldn’t be missed.

Still image from brownbook.tv film with Salma Tuqan

6- Kerning Cultures. This is a bit of a cheat, because it is not exactly a viewable narrative, but! It is entertaining as it is informative non-the-less. This podcast out of the UAE is investigative journalism at its most lyrical, & what more can you ask of a podcast (yas! a podcast!) that takes the time to tell you about everything from the charming backstreets of post – revolution Tunis to the traditions that migrate with those forced to leave their home. Kerning Cultures goes the extra mile for those who may not be able to listen but are willing to read by provides a full transcript of each episode!

7 – Hay El Matar. Ok fine, in the interest of full disclosure, this too is a form of audio content (audio narrative, scripted series, musalsal to be exact), but much like the entry above, it too has a stylised site to help make the listening journey have tactile a feel to it. Hay El Matar is a Syrian audio musalsal that comes in episodes that are around 15 minutes long & make for a great head-phoned break from the hustle and bustle of our messy lives. Telling a story of other messy lives, those of often young & memorable characters, at the brink of deciding whether to stay or to leave (some don’t have the luxury of choice) their small neighbourhood in war-worn Syria. With high production quality & contemporary, cool storytelling, this new rendition of an old tradition captures the imagination & will get you hooked.

Cartoon capture from Hey El Matar website




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  1. Lana Malas Avatar
    Lana Malas

    Absolutely love this! Can’t wait to check them out


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