Metis Media is founded to create content and engage with platforms that explore issues of Arab culture, identity, society, economics and education through entertaining written/audio/visual stories. Provoking an entertaining and ethnographic approach to understanding the diverse and often under-represented aspects of our community.

We want to champion aspirational Arabic content and their media outlets that engage audiences in immersive Arabic output that is for us – by us. Our passion is working with local, regional & Arab talent on developing great ideas from script to screen. Whichever “screen” whatever it’s size; whether it is TV, film or online.

Metis Media was founded by Maia Malas in 2011.  Becoming a Dubai resident in 2016, Maia is previously a Londoner originating from Amman. Her career started with the written word, in Amman, as a a young print journalist. She moved to London in 2003 to work in media training before focusing on production in 2008. Maia is genuinely committed to contributing to creating Arabic content & platforms that are representative and democratic through all the work carried out by Metis Media.

Examples of projects to date:

  • Training writers, developing scripts & managing writers’ rooms for winning TV drama series on mainstream pan-Arab TV stations.
  • Training & producing award-winning creative documentaries from first-time filmmakers.
  • Training on feature length film scriptwriting.
  • Producing weekly TV programmes.
  • Training writers & managing script development for youth web-drama.
  • Consulting on content for emerging Radio drama.
  • Proving research & development consultation for the development of an international TV drama series.
  • Curating and managing Arabic digital audiovisual content for renowned regional braodcaster.
  • Consulting, providing research & evaluating about Arabic online content for international organisations.