My passion is people, their stories and the fact that life is stranger than fiction.

I focus on working with Arab talent on ideas from script to screen.Whichever the screen, whatever the platform; what matters is the story immerse, entertain, and inform both the maker and the viewer.

Storytelling is a form of live anthropology – so seeking relatable stories harnessed from authentic and subjective narratives – is key. I am passionate about projects that explore the relationship of the self to the other, of relationships: The individual with the collective, be that friends, family, community, economy, industry,  an era, humanity etc.

They say everyone has a story. But more so, everyone wants a story, too. Deceptively, the more submerged you are in your surroundings, the less people think you have a story to tell. Equally, the more at odds you are with your surrounding the more people assume you have a story, and, that you want to share it. Neither are necessarily true nor mutually exclusive, and it’s in the areas in between that the most intriguing vignettes of life, and of fiction, are created; where the best stories can be excavated.

As I have often said, both my grandmothers appeared to have more than ordinary lives of their place in their generational collective. And yet…they weaved stories of fear, courage, love and humor that was the earliest memory I have of my brain transcribing auditory narratives and translating them into visual reels I would imagine. Over and over, always asking for the same stories inconscpiciously again, always noting the subtle variations and making little edits to the story I have formed of their stories. That is where the meandering road to journalism them filmmaking began for me.

As a creative producer and development exec, I have worked with mainstream TV channels, independent production companies and media development organisations. I develop and produce content for various formats and on diverse remits such as feature, short docs, series and advocacy films.

My career started with the written word in Jordan as a young print journalist. I moved to London in 2003 to work in media training before focusing on production since 2008. Currently, I am heading development at Front Row Filmed Entertainment. Becoming a Dubai resident in 2016, I am a Londoner originating from Jordan with Syrian roots.