I always dabbled in writing and dancing. They are both forms of storytelling,  I suppose.

My passion for storytelling is really a passion for people and why they are the way that they are. The idiosyncrasy, the subjective reality, the unique point of view and the cutouts of life we string together and lift up as our own unique bunting. The reason for this is simple: life is often stranger than fiction – and that’s a fact that is as curious as it is entertaining.

I focus on working with talent on ideas from script to screen. I have worked with mainstream TV channels, independent production companies and media development organisations. I am comfortable creating, developing and producing content for various formats and on diverse remits such as features, series, docs and shorts.

Like I said, I dabble in writing, so my working life started by my attempting to turn that into a career in print journalism after attaining my BA and returning to Jordan. I moved to London in 2003 and began working in media development and training focused on the MENA region. I completed an MA in production in 2008 and shifted my attention to storytelling for Arabic film and TV. I love collaborating with writers, directors and creatives. Currently, I am heading development and production at a regional, independent production and distribution company based out of Dubai. 

Becoming a Dubai resident in 2016, I am a Londoner from Jordan with Syrian roots. I still dabble in writing and even (but far, far more privatly) dancing.