We at Metis Media carry out various forms of content development programmes, particularly focused on script development. With the diverse scope for audiovisual storytelling in the Arab region, we are to be creating something truly bespoke and effective for the pan-Arab market and the individual ecosystems of audiences that exist outside of that market.

Our initiatives are offered to talent, to content makers and to content distributors. whether individuals, groups or companies, talent that want to a chance to create their own projects, improve their skills or learn new ones, have an opportunity to benefit from our script,  development & production focus.

We are always aspiring to be a constructive resource and bridge for commissioners, distributors and producers looking to find and nurture their next big idea, or a team of writers, of content makers or development executives.

Metis Media provides:

  • Writers’ Incubators
  • Writers’ Rooms
  • Script Writing Workshops
  • Youth-focused Media workshops
  • Youth-focused Film clubs