No Skin in the Pain

If Beirut is this severed, I’m fretful about what it would be like to walk in the streets of Damascus again. Beirut with it’s crooked charm, feels as intimate as a cul-de-sac and as experiential as a metropole. Beirut tempts those with no skin in the pain with it’s little fables of familiarity. For it’s… Continue reading No Skin in the Pain

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I Don’t Know this Much is True

I don't know. I just don't. Who would've thought this may just be the most profound and contenting statement as I approach 'The Fourth Decade According to myself'. Not me. I really, truly and foolishly thought that by the time I would get to the age that my father was when I was 10, I… Continue reading I Don’t Know this Much is True

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All Good Things Come in 7s. Not Really, But this List Does!

So. I spent the summer reaching the finales of ALL my favourite shows & then staring into the abyss, feeling empty & aimless not knowing quite what do with my eyes and ears. See, my summer evenings were more homebound than I had originally envisaged - never mind that they were spent in various cities… Continue reading All Good Things Come in 7s. Not Really, But this List Does!

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The First Mini But Mighty Post:

In search of [the right] heroines part 1. I drive my daughter to school everyday. She is four and daily we sing along to the radio as she begins to ask me about the lyrics. "Why is this person 'feeling complicated' mama? She is saying she 'realises she is not alone', that's great! I will… Continue reading The First Mini But Mighty Post: