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What’s the difference, anyway!

We all have the hasty mornings with the awkward fold in our hair, slightly at the back and off-centre of our head, that sometimes we manage to straighten; and others we remember only after passing the entire parent teacher school community in our sunglasses when it’s Jan. 2nd and it’s clearly overcast.  We all have… Continue reading What’s the difference, anyway!


No Skin in the Pain

If Beirut is this severed, I’m fretful about what it would be like to walk in the streets of Damascus again. Beirut with it’s crooked charm, feels as intimate as a cul-de-sac and as experiential as a metropole. Beirut tempts those with no skin in the pain with it’s little fables of familiarity. For it’s… Continue reading No Skin in the Pain

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Words as Weapons

Words are weapons of mass destruction. I am going to pile a bunch of words together to make two obvious hastily generalising remarks. They may appear disjointed at first, but I will work my way to conjoining them in a stream-of-consciousness-type narrative eventually. Women are complacent in perpetuating a patriarchal world. Patriarchy sucks hard for men too… Continue reading Words as Weapons

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The First Mini But Mighty Post:

In search of [the right] heroines part 1. I drive my daughter to school everyday. She is four and daily we sing along to the radio as she begins to ask me about the lyrics. "Why is this person 'feeling complicated' mama? She is saying she 'realises she is not alone', that's great! I will… Continue reading The First Mini But Mighty Post: